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Subjects: Tourism invitation to Royals.
30 November 2017

Deb Knight: There is an audacious plan this morning to bring Prince Harry here to Australia to celebrate the end of his single life, and then even more, have his honeymoon here with new bride Meghan Markle. The man behind this scheme is Tourism Minister Steve Ciobo. Minister, good morning to you.

Steven Ciobo: Good morning guys.

Deb Knight: Who knew that you were an event planner, as well. This could be quite the coup.

Steven Ciobo: You know when you're Tourism Minister, you've got to showcase the best that Australia has to offer. What better way than, perhaps a buck's night and if not, then certainly the honeymoon.

Tim Gilbert: Steve, you've also written a letter to the Palace, and worked out a royal buck's party itinerary. Have you had any response?

Steven Ciobo: I think we called it pre-wedding celebrations, actually, I want to make sure that we class it up. But now look, we've fired off that letter overnight and it's a letter to officially invite them to be able to come to Australia, pre-wedding celebrations or for the honeymoon. But we've got some amazing parts to this country, and what better way to showcase it to, not only of course, all the Brits that'll be watching, but all those around the world that'll be interested in what they're up to?

Deb Knight: It's creative, I like it. Take us through some of the plans, the itinerary, not just for the buck's, but also for the honeymoon.

Steven Ciobo: Well, you know, this is a land of contrasts as any Aussie knows. I mean some of the ideas we've got include for example, barra fishing in the top end, or they could even for example, if they wanted to have it as part of a bucks weekend, do a actual helicopter crawl instead of a pub crawl, a helicopter crawl where they visit iconic Australian pubs in the top end. We've also suggested they could come to the Gold Coast and go buggying, dune buggying. But then for the honeymoon, something a little bit slower, something a little bit more perhaps, contemplative. They could visit some of the magnificent sites in Australia. We've got Longitude 131 Resort near Uluru, where Prince Charles incidentally, has been as well, so there'd be that tie.

Deb Knight: What's not to love? I recommend we'd be signed for sure. They've coming for the Invictus Games, we know that for sure.

Tim Gilbert: Oh, they'll be here in October. Thanks Minister, what great initiative, love it, love it.

Deb Knight: Yeah, very clever.

Tim Gilbert: Good luck.

Steven Ciobo: Good as gold.

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