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Subjects: Tourism Australia’s New Global Campaign, Rising Cost of Airfares.

Karl Stefanovic, Host: Good time to launch a tourism commercial. Come and have a swim. Well, over the years, we're told the world, didn't we?

Paul Hogan: I'll slip an extra shrimp on the barbie for you.

Karl Stefanovic: And bluntly asked the question.

Lara Bingle: Where the bloody hell are you?

Karl Stefanovic: Now our newest message is about to be rolled out as part of Tourism Australia's latest global campaign.

[Tourism Australia campaign TVC plays]

Karl Stefanovic: I love it. For more, we're joined by Minister for Trade and Tourism, Don Farrell in Adelaide. Minister, good morning to you. Nice to see you this morning. Do you like it? Do you love it? How is it?

Minister for Trade: It's a terrific ad, thanks Karl. I had the pleasure of doing the sneak peek last week in Japan and I think it's going to be a terrific advertisement for Australia. Australia is open for business. Most of the other countries that we normally rely on to bring tourists to Australia have opened up and we want them to come to Australia to experience the wonderful, iconic places that appear in this advertisement.

Karl Stefanovic: Well, it's very clever, too. It's sort of cashing in on the popularity of Bluey and those kind of cartoon Australians which I love. Rose Byrne as a cartoon kangaroo. What was the decision making behind it all?

Minister for Trade: Look, we knew that there was a lot of pent up demand out there to come to Australia. Domestic tourism has largely returned to better than pre- pandemic levels, but we need to bring the international tourists back. So Tourism Australia did a lot of research and this ad reflects the sorts of things that we want to advertise in terms of getting people back to Australia. The world is opening up, we're open for business, and we want those international tourists to come back and experience all the wonderful places that Australia has to offer.

Karl Stefanovic: The only thing missing is a Clare Valley cabin. I mean, surely it could have worked that in.

Minister for Trade: Well, look, I don't want to put my personal interests ahead of the national interests Karl, but the Clare Valley is a beautiful place to come as well.

Karl Stefanovic: Sure is. Hey look, a few things working against us at the moment that are proving a little tough. That is airfares at the moment - trying to get airfares down so people can travel down under. I mean do you see an end to that coming anytime soon?

Minister for Trade: Look, just at the moment, we're back to just under 60 per cent capacity. By Christmas, we hope to be back to about 70 per cent, and early in the new year, about 75 per cent. As capacity comes back, then obviously there will be more opportunity to find a seat on an aeroplane, but more particularly, prices will start to come down. We do need both of those things to happen, but I'm pretty confident that over the next couple of months, prices will decrease and availability will increase.

Karl Stefanovic: You need a little bit of that Adelaide weather too, right around the country right?

Minister for Trade: Yes, it's going to be a sunny day here in Adelaide, and it's terrible to see what's going on, particularly in Victoria. Having lived through a couple of floods, I know exactly what those people are experiencing.

Karl Stefanovic: ALL right. Good to talk to you Don - and if you're not going to recommend it, I will - The Godfather, two cabernets, outstanding in Clare Valley.

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