Inquiry to strengthen our Trade Agreements

  • Media release

This week I asked the Joint Standing Committee for Trade and Investment Growth consider the Australian Government’s approach to negotiating trade and investment agreements with international partners.

The Albanese Government believes that the benefits of trade must be shared across the whole community.

This starts with how we involve the community and business in how we negotiate these agreements.

Trade is a key lever of the Australian economy and plays a critical role in how we build the secure and stable economic future we want for all Australians.

Which is why we've worked so hard in the last year to advance our trade diversification agenda, implementing trade agreements with India, the United Kingdom, and hopefully soon, the European Union.

We need to ensure that trade delivers for everyday Australians – through cheaper prices, improved competition, and a lower cost of living.

We are economically stronger when global trade flows freely.

At the heart of the Government’s economic policy is a fundamental belief that fairness and equality should be guiding principles.

Trade is no different, and I encourage those interested to contribute to the inquiry.

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