WTO action to defend Australia’s wine makers

  • Joint media release with:
  • The Hon David Littleproud MP, Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management, Deputy Leader of The Nationals

Australia will defend the interests of Australian wine makers by taking action in the World Trade Organization over China's imposition of anti-dumping duties on Australian wine.

The decision to commence the dispute resolution process was taken following extensive consultation with Australia’s wine makers.

The WTO dispute resolution process is available to any WTO member as a means to resolve trade disputes in a respectful manner.

Australia’s use of the WTO in this matter is consistent with its previous use of the WTO and aligns with our support for the rules-based trading system.

Australia remains open to engaging directly with China to resolve this issue.

The Australian Government would like to thank Australia’s wine makers for their constructive engagement on this issue and their continued cooperation.

The Government will continue to vigorously defend the interests of Australian wine makers using the established system in the WTO to resolve our differences.

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